For your good Feng-Shui home, the directions in your home ought to be mapped out with the Feng Shui Ba-Gua. Based upon those directions from the Ba-Gua, you would then utilize the Lo-Pan or Feng Shui compass to find out more about which elements will opt for the eight different directions. Because a color goes alongside each element, then you can certainly find out which colors will promote good Chi.

Employing màu phong thuỷ is the best solution to produce positive energy types bringing prosperity, health, along with other things associated with good Chi. Light is fairly important when working to produce good Chi. As you read more about Feng Shui House, become familiar with more about the eight directions on the Feng Sui Ba-Gua map and the way the elements are related.

The five elements

The five natural elements each have specific colors that embody them. Remember that different shades or hues of the colors can even be used in your Feng Shui decorating plan.

1. Wood element – Browns and greens

2. Water element – Shades of blue and black

3. Fire element – deep yellows, reds, dark purples, and oranges

4. Earth element – Light browns and yellows, and sandy shades

5. Metal element – Gray, white, and gold and silver can be included

There are two cycles that rule the five elements – the destructive cycle and the productive cycle. Within the productive cycle, the wood elements is nourished by the water element, going on to create a fire element. The earth element is produced by the fire element burning , from which the metal element is formed and then the metal feeds back to the component of water. This cycle continues to revolve.

How exactly to Feng Shui your home with these element colors

The colors of the elements give a boost to certain characteristics, including wealth, health, and much more. Furthermore, certain directions as pointed out by the Ba-Gua specially correlate to the elements. For instance, the Southeast and East are represented by the wood element.

Feng Shui room is centered on creating positive energy in the work or home area that is favorable. Which means that particular colors ought to be used that correspond with the elements of that direction. You will also discover that certain colors are naturally pleasing and can be used outside the element if they are a part of that cycle. Red is one of these, the color of fire and an energizing Chi. In case you are faced with an unfavorable configuration of your home, the color red may help turn around that negative Chi.

These colors and elements have a complex relationship. The information listed above is merely the start. Feng Shui design and it’s complex nature are one of the main reasons people find yourself spending years studying to comprehend the principles behind Chinese Feng Shui.

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