Nearly 9 million firearm background checks were filed in america from January 2012 through the end of June 2012, based on the FBI’s National Instant POLICE ARREST RECORDS Check System (NICS). A subject discussed in many articles may be the increase of women pursuing gun ownership. Actually, 43% of women report personally running a gun in 2011, as compared with only 13% in 2005 (Saad; Carroll). With an increase of women owning guns and more women thinking about firearms in general, it’s important a gun store intentionally market to women, ensuring that they feel welcome and safe in what is traditionally a male dominated industry (Bestul; McCombie). Women have different views on and reasons for owning firearms. The following article will outline two of these views and potential marketing techniques for those ideals.

One very common reason behind running a gun is self-defense. Women who desire a gun for this reason may have varying levels of experience with firearms. For example, it may be that she intends to get the gun, place it unloaded in a closet and forget about it. She will not intend or expect to have to use it, nonetheless it provides a sense of peace by having it. At the same time, she is apprehensive and unprepared to ever utilize the weapon. It may be, however, that the woman who is looking to purchase is fairly acquainted with guns, having developed around them. She actually is fairly comfortable shooting the gun. On may practice shooting, but normally, this is more to make sure the gun still works than to improve her skill (Blair). This woman is looking for a gun that functions easily and contains low maintenance requirements. A woman with this view is probable already searching for a firearm; she just requires a reason to come to your business. Through your advertising, you must display knowledge, and the capability to instill self-confidence in these customers through proper firearms training, whether through willingness to give advice, offering her discounts on training and practice time if your store is equipped to take action, or to encourage her to pursue courses by way of a local facility. To help make these women comfortable in your store, the addition of a lady employee to aid them with their decisions would be a wise business choice. Additional options include: carrying feminine firearms and accessories (i.e. guns with color options, conceal carry accessories designed for women, firearms which are fitted to the female anatomy, when it comes to both strength and build issues, etc.), displaying gender-neutral decorations in the store, and avoiding political propaganda and divisive conversations, as much as possible.

A different type of female consumer, who is generally rarer, is the avid shooter. She has likely been with us guns most of her life, shoots with regularity, and has no qualms about firearms (Blair). This woman likely spends considerable time in gun stores, and feels fairly comfortable regardless of decor or the gender of employees, although a lady employee and neutral decor is still beneficial. However, care ought to be taken not to assume that she actually is inexperienced with firearms. Employees should be sure to take care of her with respect and courteousness all the time, even before he or she is sure of how much experience that this customer has. This customer is not as likely to pursue pink firearms, but will generally lean towards the firearm that’s better suited for the feminine anatomy (i.e. length of pull, grip and hammer placement suited for smaller hands, a balance between lightness and level of recoil, adjustable fore grip distance, adjustable comb for cheek weld, telescopic butt stock, etc.). Make sure you keep a decent amount of stock that suits the feminine build. Also, stay knowledgeable or more to date on what firearms and accessories are ideal for women, and avoid anything that is a gimmick. Ultimately, the prudent gun store business owner will be sure to take care of all customers equally sufficient reason for respect, regardless of any perceived attributes. By doing this, all persons will feel welcome in your store, increasing the potential customer base for your business.

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